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again, this morning - alien_blood
again, this morning
I find that my dreams have taken on a certain control factor with regard to sexual desire.
I again woke up this morning so absolutely reticent to leave the bed. I chose to take fifteen minutes for myself and bask in the dream I had. The dream itself was simple. An ex-boyfriend of mine had found someone else to satisfy me. He knew that the last time he had displeased me and thus our agreement had been that he had to gain access to me by getting someone else to make me climax. He found this lovely blondish, mid-thirties man with lovely shoulder muscles and a determined attention to forced orgasms.

The dream went on to me agreeing to this out of voyeurism, exabistionism, and simply because I was actually pissed that I had been discarded for the ex's pleasure the time before. I have not been so rudely dismissed in so long that I was appalled. Thus now, penance was due.

I dreamt about screaming, and begging for more, I dreamt about dripping wet thighs, and delicious throbbing manhood. I dreamt about lying on my side, my thigh against his chest and him biting my neck. 

I awoke.

Again, it seems with my dreams, I am finding the most delicious, manifestation that connects to real life. I was so wet, and sore, I felt like I had already climaxed a few times, exhausted, and yet elated with endorphines. I was over the edge in just minutes again. This time I was awake and finally reaching those mind bending climaxes. I got up and started the day.

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