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I saw two squirrels "playing today" it was really cute, but funny, but sad, cause the boy squirrel kept getting the smack down put on him, then she flirted with him, then he went after her, she smacked him... etc.
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I dream often now, and I dream well.
I don't often have nightmares anymore.
I love that there is a nuance to the dreams that make me less lonely in my adventures.
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I find that my dreams have taken on a certain control factor with regard to sexual desire.
I again woke up this morning so absolutely reticent to leave the bed. I chose to take fifteen minutes for myself and bask in the dream I had. The dream itself was simple. An ex-boyfriend of mine had found someone else to satisfy me. He knew that the last time he had displeased me and thus our agreement had been that he had to gain access to me by getting someone else to make me climax. He found this lovely blondish, mid-thirties man with lovely shoulder muscles and a determined attention to forced orgasms.

The dream went on to me agreeing to this out of voyeurism, exabistionism, and simply because I was actually pissed that I had been discarded for the ex's pleasure the time before. I have not been so rudely dismissed in so long that I was appalled. Thus now, penance was due.

I dreamt about screaming, and begging for more, I dreamt about dripping wet thighs, and delicious throbbing manhood. I dreamt about lying on my side, my thigh against his chest and him biting my neck. 

I awoke.

Again, it seems with my dreams, I am finding the most delicious, manifestation that connects to real life. I was so wet, and sore, I felt like I had already climaxed a few times, exhausted, and yet elated with endorphines. I was over the edge in just minutes again. This time I was awake and finally reaching those mind bending climaxes. I got up and started the day.

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What is so enthralling about those dreams that we dream at night, and moments of waking drowned us with a waking grin of pure appetite for that from which we awoke?


This morning was one of those beautiful gifts. I was on the brink of a second climax, when the chemicals ruptured the veil of sleep. I awoke. Hungry and desperate for that release, that pure liquid chemical addiction rush of endorphins and pure serenity that comes after the release. It was less than a moment and I was there, fully awake and had yet all the most delicious moments of a dream, and the sweet indulgence of pure decadence.


I have often arrived into the waking moments with much desire, but never have I been brought through the veil already gifted to truthfully with decadence.  It was truly a beautiful moment that I didn’t even ask for, and can not be credited to any other. It was truly just a beautiful moment of pure joy.


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wn I decided that I don't sleep well, I don't wish well for people anymore, and that is just fine.

One good deed does not negate the bad.

So, that being said, though I can't imagine anyone wants to read this journal, I came up with the application question. 


What makes you special? How do you contribute to society? 
[note this was not a judgement of bad or good contribution, though my desire to be associated with your contribution, is of course totally up to me.] 

World domination is a nice thought, but not original, nor will it be acceptable. 
That is mine, and I can't have competitors!

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This journal is friends only - from the beginning.
This journal will take an application for friend-ing.
The response/post/comment will be screened, and the decision upon the answers will be reflected with an add of your name to the list.

What is the questionaire? I don't know.. I just started it today and on the advice of another, will be making it private, or friends only.
I will edit it upon figuring out what the questions will be, and then make it public for an application.


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