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this morning was so - alien_blood
this morning was so

What is so enthralling about those dreams that we dream at night, and moments of waking drowned us with a waking grin of pure appetite for that from which we awoke?


This morning was one of those beautiful gifts. I was on the brink of a second climax, when the chemicals ruptured the veil of sleep. I awoke. Hungry and desperate for that release, that pure liquid chemical addiction rush of endorphins and pure serenity that comes after the release. It was less than a moment and I was there, fully awake and had yet all the most delicious moments of a dream, and the sweet indulgence of pure decadence.


I have often arrived into the waking moments with much desire, but never have I been brought through the veil already gifted to truthfully with decadence.  It was truly a beautiful moment that I didn’t even ask for, and can not be credited to any other. It was truly just a beautiful moment of pure joy.


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